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  3. Wednesday, August 09 2017, 03:44 AM
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Im a huge PUBG fan/Active Soilder lol and couldnt wait& cant believe im alpha testing! I just wanted to say that the game is coming along great and once all the additions they have show are added it's gonna be great. I think they should focus on the looting aspect a lot. That's one thing that makes PUBG great.Squad/Duo also. I feel so lucky to be playing and can't thank you enough lol. But the hotfix worked amazing I get a battle every time I try now. Like i said a lot of the main ideas seem to be on the list. Auto Aim has to be delt with probably the most. Takes all the fun/skill out of it. I Truly appreciate you listening to the BSB testers will Def continue to send my ideas. Thanks again
JOY Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Community Manager

We always listen to players and that's why we exist.
Almost your suggestions are on our to-do list already.

ryan.jumper Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I know you are on top of it. I love that you listen to us. It's gonna make your game great!
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