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  3. Sunday, September 03 2017, 10:16 AM
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I don't know what you did it but now its impossible to kill players. AWP is useless now, M4 is useless now. You need to be closer to the player to kill him. The shotgun is the best gun now. Please fix it! Its really frustrating.
I just lost a match against a dude with a pistol and I with a shotgun... ZERO SENSE. I won't play until you fix it
ryan.jumper Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Sorry to hear about your experience, I haven't had the hit mark problem but I kind of know what you mean about something just being off about the new hit system. But they are hard at work to fix all the glitches especially the major ones. Another update is already being prepared to release and I'm sure will address this and other fixes needed. Don't stop playing though lol soldiers are needed on the Battlegrounds! Lol! I know they will take your comments/experience and work hard to fix it!
TrangNguyen Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Community Manager
Yes, about your bad experience with this update, we're sorry to hear that. We'll take notice of your opinion and improve it in next version.
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