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  3. Thursday, October 12 2017, 02:40 PM
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Can’t update to New Version 0.3.2 (17)" for iOS from TestFlight!!
i see only version, but don’t see any updates!!
i reinstall the game, but this is not help me!! After start the game i see old version 1.2 and don’t see any new Features like:

New two houses with rooms and in-door objects
New Male character, in order to prepare for Character's Armors and Outfits feature
New "Semi-Naked" male character
Add recoil camera to third person camera. Now the shooting felling will be more realistic than ever!

Terrain improvement
Improved Muzzle Flash effect
Improved matchmaking system which will provide better matching and loading experience and reduce disconnection issue
New Matchmaking Screen
New Matchmaking Screen
Improved quality setting UI and function
Improved medic kits usage
Improved the Circle scaling mechanics. Now it will scale less to the center of the map than before
Improved a bit on character's third person animations. The animations will be reworked in next version

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that sometimes caused player received zero damage when he fell
Fixed a bug that caused player could not start a match after found it and receive message "Can not register with matching machine"
Fixed negative rank point issue
Fixed a bug that caused some objects deformed when the camera is down
Fixed a bug that caused gun model disappeared when player shot while he was picking a gun
Fixed an issue that let player use more characters than the limitation when he named his username
Fixed a bug that caused the Cirle sometimes didn't show the effect
Fixed a bug that displayed incorrectly hit effect when player received damage from non-bullet sources
Fixed a bug that sometimes caused player could not use medic kits in the first time
Fixed an issue about the using speed of Small Heal
Fixed a bug that caused player sometimes had all weapons in third person view
Fixed a bug that caused the gun disappeared when player aimed while switching weapons
Fixed a bug caused missing switching weapon animation disappeared while the player ran and picked up the gun
Fixed a bug that caused player could not move camera while the items appeared on screen
Fixed a issue caused the pickup sound disappeared
Fixed a bug that caused the hit sound disappeared
Fixed a bug where player sometimes still saw the shoot icon although he enable auto-shoot
Fixed a issue caused the player body floating when he died
Fixed a bug that caused player's weapon disappeared after he picked new weapon
Fixed a display issue where there was ammo number although player used knife
Fixed an issue that shortened the duration of the medic kits when player used two times immediately
Fixed an issue that caused the hit indicator displayed incorrectly
Fixed a hit box bug where player cannot shoot into enemy's hands and foots
Fixed an issue that caused the player auto switched to handgun when he picked pistol ammo
And 40+ other bugs

help me please!!
fix this please!!
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MrProIbby Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
What ever u sent was alpha 3.0

Now you can update to 4.0
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