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  3. Wednesday, August 09 2017, 02:58 AM
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Hello Community of BulletStrikeBattlegrounds!
Im from Germany so sorry for my bad english.

I have some ideas that would make the game in my opinion better.

-some better textures
-more customizable weapons
-more things to loot for example: grenades, food, energy drinks, backpacks
-please add an inventory
-a lower auto take aim
-give the player the opportunity to customize the controls and maybe to have more invisible buttons(jump, shoot, walk/run....)
-give the opportunity to make the walk controller invisible
-other kind of houses
-maybe performance updates

It would be nice if I get some answers from the developers :)

Lg Chris
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MrProIbby Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
All the stuff you said will be added into the game before the launch (as im guessing)
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