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  3. Tuesday, September 12 2017, 11:40 AM
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Why the game will be limited to play in other device? You can still optimize the game. just because it lags in alpha? The game cant be optimize? If its well-optimized low end device can run it if it lags when the game is well-optimized the problem is you're device. So why not to try to optimize the game and lets see in beta version whats the real problem.
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We know the game is not well- optimized now, but we're trying hard to make it better. But there's a stack of devices, so we can't guarantee that the game goes well on every devices. I hope you could understand this.

By the way, could you give me your device' specificiations, We need this information to optimize it better.

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Im Sorry for late reply but heres
The information you requested
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