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  3. Tuesday, August 08 2017, 12:13 PM
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Map size is too small, plus too boring. Different house models with multiple rooms. All empty land need to have grass patches so we can crouch and hide. Remove auto aim and auto shoot because it helps us find players and removes the challange that this game offers. Indoor lighting in the barn type houses. More of those red and dark grey house in middle, not in outskirts. Control seems irresponsive sometimes. Dedicated sprint button and able to customize hud.
ToxicFrags Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
The Map will become much Bigger when the Players increase from 20 to 40 . The most requested thing in game is to remove Auto Shoot and Auto Aim. MAP Optimization will be soo much good when Game release WW . Lets see What we will get in Beta ! And we all cant wait for it!
MrProIbby Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Remember, the game is in Alpha, Devs are working so hard to make everything possible !
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