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  3. Tuesday, September 12 2017, 01:23 PM
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The Graphics is laggy there should be a setting like
-Shadow On/Off
-Animation Quality Low/Mid/High
-Shaders On/Off
-Screen scale setting
-texture quality low/mid/high
-Movements animation low/mid/high
-Battle Circle Effect low/mid/high
-Weather effect /low/mid/high (if there will be weather system)
-Water graphics
-Character animations on/off
-Tress, Grass and Rock texture low/mid/high

Please consider this to the next update to play without lag or to have a smooth gameplay experience
MrProIbby Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Flora, anything like trees, grass and all that
MetaGonzo Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Please don't scale things like trees/grass/rocks.

What if someone on high settings thinks that they're hiding in a patch of grass and someone on low settings can't see the grass but can see the other player?
Same with draw distance but the other way around; people on higher settings could see further and therefore have an advantage.

Textures etc. should definitely be suited to the device but some things must be equal for all to ensure a fair game.

Edit: just read properly that you did mean textures for grass etc! Ignore me! Can't read.
ShadowPH Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I think that you think that the grass will change into smaller size? Nah dude, textures changes not the size If it is wrong idea then dont include it ;)
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